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На странице Каталог Материалы вы можете увидеть все материалы, загруженные в iSpring Cloud. Это

The Content page shows a list of all folders and files uploaded to your iSpring Cloud account. That's the starting point for all your operations with the content. By default, all files are stored in the Repository folder. You can add new folders to organize your presentations, media files and documents more effectively. Read on the article to learn more about the menus available on the Content page.



По умолчанию все файлы сохраняются в папке Каталог. Добавляйте в каталог новые папки, чтобы упорядочить презентации, медиа файлы и документы.

Ниже перечислен список возможностей, доступных на странице Материалы.


Table of Contents

Хлебные крошки

Breadcrumbs is the line of folder names right under the top menu that lists the full path from the root folder to the current folder. So you can always see the folder you are currently browsing. To return to a higher folder level, just click the folder name in the breadcrumbs. Moreover, clicking on the Repository/Trash button reveals the drop down menu with the full path to the current folder. You can jump to any folder from there.

Search by title and description


To find your content by title and description, type it in the search field and wait until the system automatically updates the content list. To clear a filter, click or delete all characters you typed in the text field.


Кнопка Загрузить

The Upload button opens up a Browse dialog where you can locate an item from your computer and select it for upload.


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Clicking the New button reveals a dropdown menu from which adding New Folder and New Link actions are available

Кнопка Создать

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При нажатии на кнопку Создать открывается выпадающее меню, в котором вы можете выбрать Новую папку и Новую ссылку.



Click the More button to access the Download option. It is worth using if you want to download the entire folder where you are located.